Compounding the cover-up the World Diamond Council created a website called Diamond Facts which paints a very one-sided and utterly misleading picture of the diamond industry. Keeping the focus on “conflict diamonds” it fails to mention that other blood diamonds remain fully legal.

Extolling the social benefits certain African countries derive from diamond revenue, the Diamond Facts site fails to mention that rich western countries gain most from the diamond industry, particularly Israel, the single biggest net beneficiary of the global diamond trade.

While diamond revenue has funded schools and hospitals in some countries it has also funded death and destruction on an enormous scale in occupied Palestine, particularly in besieged Gaza.

Israel’s diamond-funded military has repeatedly used the most sophisticated weapons of war, delivered from land, sea and air, against besieged, impoverished and defenseless men, women and children who have been murdered, maimed and terrorized by a regime that is given a free pass by the jewellery industry regardless of the suffering and pain inflicted on the people in Palestine.

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